Give to the POOL Project!

Give to the POOL Project!

POOL will illustrate the connections between water, social justice and public health, and will provide opportunities for our communities to engage in democratic dialogue building a foundation for productive conversations around the history of segregated swimming, and its relation to present-day issues adversely affecting non-white and low-wealth communities.

We have produced a limited series of commemorative postcards showcasing images and facts featured in the POOL exhibition.

  • With a contribution of $50.00 or more to the POOL project, you will receive a commemorative set of postcards celebrating the exhibition.
  • With a contribution of $75.00 or more you will receive two sets of the limited-edition postcards.

We encourage you to keep a card (or cards) for yourself, and to pass the history of POOL forward, by gifting cards to family members, friends, educators and those who you believe will benefit from the knowledge of our past.

Make a contribution to this important and historic project today!