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Flooded Out — and CLOSED — at the Fairmount Water Works!

Due to flooding and high tides, the Water Works is closed until further notice for inside activities. We are offering our outreach and outside activities.

We’re working hard to re-open for our wonderful weekend activities but, as you can see from Sandy Sorlien’s sobering photos, we have a lot of work ahead of us.

We’ve been told that this was the 7th worst flooding in history. The river crested at nearly 14 feet; almost double its normal crest height of 6.5 feet. We’ll have more information for you as we move forward with this enormous clean-up.

Please call us at 215-685-0723 before stopping by. We love to have visitors—but not when we’re underwater. 10273095_10203597521808810_5240108601674603907_o