Family Programming

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Three girls set up a science experiment at a lab table, using a dropper to move liquid from a beaker to petri dishes.

School Programs

Since the opening of Fairmount Water Works, tens of thousands of teachers and students have visited and participated in our unique programs created to meld the science, technology, engineering, art & architecture and math (STEAM) behind providing drinking water, protecting our source water and within a regional urban watershed.

Summer Programs

Summer is the perfect time to dive into water – and learn about it, too! The Fairmount Water Works Interpretive Center and our partners offer exciting programs for students and young adults interested in learning about our waterways and environment, and engaging with and serving our communities.

College Students

We offer general tours, enhanced lectures, lab programs and bus tours for college/university students related to Engineering, Public Health, Environmental Studies, Aquatic Biology and Chemistry, and Global Water and Sustainability.

STEAM at the Water Works

The Fairmount Water Works is rich with STEM learning opportunities by providing a context for cross-disciplinary learning through its rich history and design, and as an example of Philadelphia’s commitment to a safe and reliable public water system – past, present, and future.


Our mission is to educate citizens about Philadelphia’s urban watershed, and we can’t do it alone. We rely on educators like you to reach more young minds than we can on our own, but we’re happy to provide workshops, resources, and on-site programs to help inform and inspire.