About the Event

SPLASH is a series of musical performances held in the lanes of the former Kelly Pool and outside the Fairmount Water Works (weather permitting). These events are designed to expand the experience, prolong the discussion and re-ignite interest in this extraordinary exhibition.

In between thirty-minute musical sets, our concession stand will be open, with food prepared by young, local entrepreneurs of color.

“A diverse palette of music performed by Philly-based artists/ensembles debuting new musical works that sonically probe the cultural, historical, social and even spiritual concepts at the heart of this extraordinary exhibition.”

Homer Jackson, SPLASH curator, interdisciplinary artist, Founder/Director of the Philadelphia Jazz Project

“CONCESSIONS refers both to the concession stand, where one buys food at a pool and to the concessions that need to be made in order to make public pools more socially equal places…I hope that this food will help everyone recall their best memory of the water, and to imagine a more ideal, future shared recreational experience.”

– Valerie Erwin, Chef and social justice activist,
founder of Geechee Girl Rice Café, former manager
of EAT Café, and manager of Farm to Families


No registration needed.