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Project FLOW

Project FLOW (For the Love of Water) is a five-week, daily intensive summer program that allows 8th and 9th grade students to explore water in an experiential and interdisciplinary way as artists, historians, scientists and social activists.

Project FLOW provides an understanding of how individual and collective actions on the land affect the quality of water for all living things.   Creating a clear path for young people and a call to action for civic responsibility and engagement is one of the objectives of the educational programming at the Fairmount Water Works and the goal of Project Flow.

In Their Words

“My science teacher recommended the program. Some friends started the program at the same time, so I didn’t feel too nervous to start. My favorite part was being outside.” (Carolina, 13 years old)

“Camping is my favorite part of the program so far. I was a little nervous at first, but now I feel calm. My science teacher told me about the program.” (Keisha, 14 years old)

“I had butterflies in my stomach. But I was happy when I saw some people I knew. I liked canoeing.” (Chelby, 13 years old)

“I liked the program right away. Camping is my favorite activity.” (Cynthia, 13 years old)

“I was more curious and excited than nervous. I didn’t think it would be so fun. Now I realize we are always doing something. My favorite part is camping.” (Sashoya, 13 years old)

“My older sister did Project FLOW a few years ago. I was a little apprehensive to meet new people and be in a new environment, but I’m having fun now.” (Michael, 13 years old)