Support FWW and grab an awesome book or souvenir while you’re at it!

The following items are available for a donation. Proceeds benefit the Fund for the Water Works.

Mussels in the Wild (by Victoria Prizzia)

This colorful and exciting storybook is an extension of The Mussel Hatchery exhibition which opened at the Fairmount Water Works on February 17, 2017. All proceeds will support watershed literacy initiatives.


FWW Belt Buckle

Made in the USA, this commemorative piece is a limited edition collector’s item. On the back, a detailed description of Fairmount Water Works is inscribed.

$20 (plus shipping)

FLOW (For The Love of Water) T-Shirt

FLOW shirt back - For the Love Of Water written in white flowing script inside a dark blue droplet shape, on the back of a white tshirt
FLOW Shirt front - white tshirt with a small Fairmount Water Works logo in navy blue on the left chest

Originally designed for our 2014 FLOW festival, this tee features a large dark blue droplet adorned with “for the love of water” and “FLOW” in appropriately flowing script on the back, and our original logo on the front (right over your heart where we belong).

$20 (plus shipping)

Fairmount Water Works Prints

What better way to commemorate our 200th anniversary (2015) than bringing home a bit of history!Since 1815, hundreds of thousands of people (both locals and tourists) have visited the Fairmount Water Works. This large format, handsomely restored print (Fair Mount Water Works on the Schuylkill River, Thomas Doughty, 1829)  shows what was one of the technological marvels of the world – and remains one of the most beautiful examples of Federal Period Greek Revival architecture anywhere. The print is crafted to work with a standard 18 x 24 standard frame or can be custom-framed. (A second print by the same artist is also available: Fair Mount Water Works from the Opposite Side of the Schuylkill River. This print is 20 x 24.)

Visit The Grand Review’s website to purchase.