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Campers Test Water Cycle Know-How in FWW’s Summer Challenge

Even with COVID-19 restrictions, we were able to connect, engage and have fun with campers this summer!

Have you ever thought about the journey of a single water drop?

Well, that was the challenge youth attending Philadelphia Parks & Recreation summer camps accepted from the Fairmount Water Works Interpretive Center. Campers were instructed to make a water drop puppet, decorate the character, and give it personality.

Participants then created a story about the puppet loosely based on the water cycle. The story could be an adventure, a comedy or a tragic tale. Campers rose to the challenge with their vivid imaginations!

Campers at Dendy Summer Camp told the story of Agua and Aguanita who both experienced differing fortunes, with frowning Aguanita landing on hot blacktop and smiling Agua resting in a birdbath.

We learned about Rain-Lynn’s water drop adventures from Picariello campers in a delightful poem:

“First Rain-Lynn was a liquid in the ground.
Rain-Lynn began to turn to gas floating all around. AHHH!”

Drippy, the water drop from Palmer Playground taught the campers about transpiration in the children’s garden…

Northern Liberties campers named their water drop “Ocean”, and told how “Ocean” liked to visit paintings in the playground…

We were taught about condensation and evaporation from Simons Drop D, created by campers at Simons Recreation Center.

Ultimately, it was hard to pick a winner, because all of our participants rose to the challenge and did a great job!

Marie Dendy Recreation Center, Michael Palmer Playground, and Elizabeth M. Picariello Playground all tied for 1st place and received a special delivery of summer treats from local favorites, Rita’s Italian Ice and Philly Pretzel Company Factory.

Participants from William B. Simmons Center and Northern Liberties Recreation Center both received honorable mention – and soft pretzels!

Thanks to all who participated. Enjoy the rest of the summer!